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Reviews left by Apoxode

Sun, Jul 8 10:23 AM Apoxode review of deflection by airtone
This is wonderful! A great blend of sounds to create a sweet atmosphere. It's we...
Sun, Jul 8 10:18 AM Apoxode review of Shifting Junkie by simonlittlefield
This is fun! Wild ride from start to finish -- it's raw, it's groovy, and just w...
Sat, Jul 7 11:22 AM Apoxode review of 4 AM by Bizarre Mentality
Any chance of getting the stems, or kind of like what you did for the other two?
Sat, Jul 7 11:17 AM Apoxode review of Jan 6th by Correspondence
Very sweet and soothing sounds! This makes a great companion piece to Jan 5th. I...
Sat, Jul 7 11:12 AM Apoxode review of Holding Cycle by Correspondence
Beautiful! The harps are divine.
Sat, Jul 7 11:09 AM Apoxode review of Dont Fear Me by XTaKeRuX
I think you'll need to provide the stems for this track (drums, bass, lead, et. ...
Fri, Jul 6 10:38 AM Apoxode review of Amphibious Love by Speck
How fun is this! Very playful and energetic track here. The timestretching on th...
Wed, Jul 4 6:25 AM Apoxode review of The Synth Day by texasradiofish
This is high energy! Wild fun from start to finish. I love the changes, from the...
Tue, Jul 3 5:38 AM Apoxode review of Do the Break by IS
From start to finish, your synth-work matches the energy of the vocal speed and ...
Mon, Jul 2 7:06 AM Apoxode review of Political Engagement by Javolenus
This is great! A very polished electro track with engaging changes, and the 80s ...
Mon, Jul 2 6:53 AM Apoxode review of Up + Up by Correspondence
Very rich and vibrant tonal colors, the glow is wonderful!
Mon, Jul 2 6:50 AM Apoxode review of RESURRECTION (At the River) -- Voice by SackJo22
Wonderful imagery, evoking a vivid experience. Thank you for sharing this!
Mon, Jul 2 6:49 AM Apoxode review of Bird Water Wind Movement by SackJo22
This is excellent source material for a nature background. It works great for am...
Mon, Jul 2 6:46 AM Apoxode review of Aahh vocal sample by debbizo
Wonderful! You have a great range, and I enjoyed hearing it. Thank you!
Sun, Jul 1 9:50 PM Apoxode review of Ven by Javi77
Por favor, sube los tallos de tu canciĆ³n para que podamos mezclarla de nuevo: v...