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Reviews left by apophysia

Sat, May 29 12:44 PM apophysia review of Lenses of Shadows (ft Apophysia) by SackJo22
Thank you for the fantastic song!!! This song isn't really here, the first versi...
Tue, Nov 29 2:12 PM apophysia review of Song of Shabbat by SackJo22
It´s pure perfection.. great!!!
Mon, Mar 9 2:07 AM apophysia review of Marriage of Figaro - Overture by texasradiofish
Its a beautiful craziness
Wed, Oct 22 10:24 PM apophysia review of Straight to the Light (the gratitude mix) by SackJo22
Great song, wonderful vocals, amazing job!!! Congratulations to you..
Mon, Oct 7 1:16 AM apophysia review of To find the peace in the face of fear by CSoul
great song!!!
Wed, Mar 20 4:05 AM apophysia review of Hey Soul ,(full steam ahead to grow) by CSoul
Sun, Dec 30 8:23 AM apophysia review of The White Cube (Kyrie Eleison) by jacindae
It's beautiful!! We hear amazing voice, but the organs, drums, whistles, all in ...
Sun, Dec 23 2:23 AM apophysia review of The Same Light Shines by SackJo22
Susan, "The Same Light Shines" is excellent work! Big congratulations from the h...
Fri, Oct 19 5:49 AM apophysia review of Indelible Choices -- Background Vocals by SackJo22
most beautiful...
Tue, May 1 7:11 AM apophysia review of BG Vocals -- Red Light Images by SackJo22
wooow, very nice..that's the Susan voice, or angels?
Fri, Sep 30 11:42 AM apophysia review of Recommencer (entier) by MiElle
Dear MiElle, your voice is very sexy!