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Reviews left by FORENSIC

Wed, Apr 11 11:19 PM FORENSIC review of Chucks ~ Yimair Soulful Remix by YimAir
deffinitly one of the tightest chucks remix... real nice
Sun, Mar 25 10:53 PM FORENSIC review of Dedicated (cdk mix) by Analog By Nature
haha.. that was tight.... nice work
Wed, Mar 7 2:51 AM FORENSIC review of FAMILY by DJ.E-State
I like the organ. Feels like the vocals are confessing everything thats on the m...
Wed, Mar 7 2:26 AM FORENSIC review of Ride_Ride(Goukisan Mix) by Goukisan
shit is tight. The hook would seem to fit if you move the verse back a little I ...
Fri, Mar 2 6:25 PM FORENSIC review of RIDE RIDE The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
nice sound to it. good work
Fri, Mar 2 6:13 PM FORENSIC review of We gonna Drum and Bass tonight.. (mushroom mix) by Analog By Nature
hahaha.... Im loveing the part where the shrooms kick in.
Fri, Mar 2 6:08 PM FORENSIC review of Blame (out-west mix) by Analog By Nature
damn I must of mist this track. This is hot homie!!!!!
Mon, Feb 26 9:20 PM FORENSIC review of blood is thicker (so clearly remix) by plurgid
man that track sounds real good. better than the original we had. good feel to i...
Wed, Jan 3 7:53 PM FORENSIC review of Get On It (vroum,vroum mix) by teru
hahaha!!!! that was funky, I liked that man. Sorry the vocals weren't as clean a...
Sat, Nov 11 6:27 PM FORENSIC review of Bit** Dont´t Cry!! by DaMo
yeah man that go good. nice beat.
Tue, Nov 7 10:36 PM FORENSIC review of All the beet just by Nitropox@CCmixter
That might be just for fun for you but Im loving that shit. its going in my car ...
Fri, Oct 20 11:59 PM FORENSIC review of No regrets by trackto
man i love this shit!!!! FUNKY
Mon, Oct 9 8:15 PM FORENSIC review of Amped Up remix by aldstahz
woooooo!!!!!! that shit iss what im talkin about. very nice
Thu, Sep 21 8:50 PM FORENSIC review of My Chucks (Pinkham Remix) by jPink!
nice remix, that shit is nasty
Tue, Sep 19 8:04 PM FORENSIC review of Chino's Chucks by chino_C17
hey man!!!!! that shit was hot. Nice work, you got some talent, stay up. FOREN...