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FORENSIC (4nsic):

Reviews left by FORENSIC

Wed, Jul 28 8:28 PM FORENSIC review of Dreamin Of A Breezy by Alex
so tight...nice remix.. def in my playlist... stay up
Wed, Jul 28 8:23 PM FORENSIC review of (HOT!) OUR FATHER - FORENSIC [BEAT BY PRODUCE GAME] by ProduceGame
This is my favorite song at the moment and your mix is great... stay up man...
Fri, Jul 9 8:20 PM FORENSIC review of Get Money by Blake
this is great... love the beat... this is the best remix of this song yet... tha...
Fri, Jul 9 8:01 PM FORENSIC review of What's Your High? by Alex
this is really hot... nice mix... i agree with the other comments.. i like the a...
Tue, Jul 6 7:51 PM FORENSIC review of FORENSIC VS. MOLLYGAG by Mollygag
Nice remix... Thanks for the compliments also... STAY UP
Sat, Jul 3 10:23 AM FORENSIC review of (HOT!) Thicker Than Water (Produce Game remix) by ProduceGame
Hey... Welcome back man... This is nice... Its in my playlist..
Sun, Jun 20 3:37 PM FORENSIC review of Blood is Thicker Than Water (Family Mix) by vo1k1
Wow.. this is great.. you used all the samples well and they seemed to fit nicel...
Wed, Jun 2 12:18 AM FORENSIC review of What's Yo High? by Blake
this is a great beat bro... you should check out rocbatle.com you might like it...
Wed, Jun 2 12:09 AM FORENSIC review of The vision by Matzak
yo man this is nice.. I like the mix a lot. The verses fall off beat a little bu...
Tue, May 18 7:53 PM FORENSIC review of Nikotine (All I Do) by error404
awesome remix man.. really funky
Fri, May 7 8:05 PM FORENSIC review of I Think That I Am Going To Kick Your Ass by Blake
this is great... i am really liking what you are doing to our pellas.. maybe we ...
Mon, May 3 5:04 PM FORENSIC review of In dream by DJ.E-State
so sick... great match up of pellas... im a check this other mc out.. really lik...