How I Did It

April (ft calendargirl)
by Quarkstar
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Wed, Jan 2, 2013 @ 3:06 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Rhythm Guitar - Rob Papen RG

Samples I Used

ccmixter April by calendargirl

Original Samples

The drone pad is a sample of calendargirls voice and carries her timbre.

Programmed several synths specially to match calendargirls voice.


Vocals: I warped the vocals to match the tempo, then adjusted the volumes using clip automation. I only did this to a handful of words that jumped out too much, such as "it's".
There were two words that didn't match my key and I moved them up a semitone.
I removed all the breath sounds using volume automation and wrote a little de-esser to reduce the S sounds. On each vocal pella I have had to use different methods of de-essing, this one I used a multiband compressor.
I found the final note changed slowly by two semitones and I fixed that with clip automation on transpose.

Other Notes

Great vocal by calendargirl, very versatile for different genres.

I added and removed so many versions of instruments and tunes. Eventually I removed all but the original and most important parts leaving quite a stripped down vesion.