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How I Did It

Broken (Leap Of The Heart)
by 7OOP3D
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Sun, Feb 19, 2012 @ 12:02 AM

Tools I Used



It took about 2 hours to decide which track we wanted to remix. "Broken" was set and we added some dark bass and a slow dupstep beat to the piano. Something was missing: vocals. We scanned thru Clarence's upload library and our decision was to take the vocal stems of Broken.

For sure both songs are in different keys. So the hard work started to "correct" the tune of the vocals. First we came up with some unnatural and harsh pitch correction (which is still in the background for more movement in the vocals) but decided the take the hard way an "correct" every inch of the stem manually. Shifting and "combing" the drift is quite a task.
The same we did with the guitar.

After a rough layout we took the time to build transition between each part of the track.

Fortunately PattsiPeng helped us to fill the gaps ("echos" in the some verses and mainly in the chorus)

After dozen of iterations we finished and polished the track with some parallel compression tricks on the drums and some other fx-sauces.

Over all this tune features 33 independent tracks in the DAW.