Rise from the Ashes Event

How I Did It

Untethered Octopus Trees
by copperhead
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Mon, Jul 26, 2010 @ 4:43 PM

Tools I Used

Protools and the melodyne

Original Samples

I used all the samples from ccmixter and had Norm Peterson do his thing.


I had a main backing track from gmz and then I layered the vocals of c layne over it. The main problem was that some tracks were mixed in 3 part harmony which really takes a lot of tools out of the remixers hand. Thank goodness for the melodyne. It can decipher multiple notes to an extent. I was able to change some notes to fit the key I was in. I also time stretched some of Sackjo22's vocal lines to make them more relaxed with protools.

Other Notes

It's a nice experience when you hear certain things from this site that grab you in a certain way and they all fit together.