Dreaming Together: one week left!

How I Did It

Data: IN Data: OUT
by Loveshadow
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Tue, Mar 18, 2008 @ 11:44 AM

Tools I Used

Logic 5.1. Edirol Orchestra, FX. Waves. Soundforge.

Samples I Used

One of the challenges of this site is sifting thru the mass of audio samples trying to find elements that on first listening, may work together.

The journey and reality is that whilst some work its the ones you don't imagine will, that creates the identity in the piece.

My advice is to download and build a library. Something i have had little time to do. But that way you can dip into it at will rather taking on a search. It is the sonic match , trial and error that creates soemthing new , rather than the imagined one.

Original Samples

There is a new piano line i have written to match OldDogs chords. I played a bass line on the root of the piano samples just to give it some depth.


DJlangs drum loop set the tempo and everything else swung to that.
The piano sample is at the original tempo ( whatevr that was )so i just cut each chord up and dropped it on the beat. I did that with a few other patterns.

When it was on time i added the bass and listend a while. The CG `Love' word was from a sample i made when i was doing the ` When the Weather Breaks' mix. I dropped that on the down beat and it and key changed to match.

I then built an FX track and compessor and reverb and dropped in various spoken lines from the Shew box samples. Only two out of the 10 i had starting working so i moved them around to fit.

It was a bit bare so i wrote a chorus line and sang it ( not on this mix )The new piano followed it and rather than writing a bunch of other stuff i just muted out the vocals.

I moved the piano section i had made to the start as an intro and pasted up the bars. I dropped in the closing chords to give it an ending.

Other Notes

Interestingly when you concoct a piece like this, it takes on its own life. The concept of Data IN Data OUT could apply to every mix on the site but until now it had not been said until i found and mixed it.