61 Moons

Remix Stems from Ghost Kollective

Ghost Kollective is a collaboration of long-time ccMixter artists cdk, _ghost & tacet. Crossing continents and timezones, Ghost K invites you to become part of their new project 61 Moons — featuring stems from the latest Ghost Kollective EP Part Way There. Conceptual from beginning to end, this album will take you on a sci-fi ride through the galaxies!

61 Moons Sample Packs

1 - Ad Astra

2 - Flesh and Bones

3 - One Time Machine

4 - Ulkoavaruus

Listen, download the remix packs and comment in the project forum post. Add your own samples and pells as part of your remix. Join the mixversation in the 61 Moons Remix Project!

More About Ghost K

You can learn more about Ghost Kollective, 61 Moons and Part Way There by clicking on the following links:

Thanks! Looking forward to our open music collaboration.