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Christmas Tree

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FeaturingSergi Yaro, Kara Square, CiggiBurns, Snowflake, spinningmerkaba, Speck, Apoxode, Admiral Bob
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Update: Added spinningmerkaba and Speck’s voices to the backup singers to provide some bottom.

While shopping at the neighborhood grocery store, I heard a couple of hours a 50s and 60s lounge, big band, rock & roll, rockabilly, pop and doo-wop winter holiday songs. I noticed that a number of the tunes had a chorus singing the word “Christmas” on the down beat every two or four bars. Decided to try this arrangement at home.

Searched for and listened to ccMixter singers emoting the word “Christmas.” Kara,Ciggi and Snowflake in the key of D seemed a natural chorus. Very minor pitch and timing adjustments were applied.

The 4-chord progression D, Bm, Em, A seemed to work well enough for a shuffle. Created a MIDI walking bass line using MODO BASS 2 and added shuffle drums, FM piano block chords, FM synth bells, Solstice Bells, tambourine and Admiral Bob’s chimes.

After creating the backing track, started looking for a voice to fill in between the Christmas chorus. Found Sergi Yaro’s warm and cozy Christmas acapella that fit in like it was meant to be. Don’t know what processing Sergi used on his voice. Using Melodyne, it looks like one octave up and down were added.

The bridge chords are Em11, A13, Em11, A13. Added guitars and brass. Dropped the FM piano block chords.

To melodically apply Apoxode’s Solstice Bells, individual bell notes were isolated and exported using Melodyne then inserted into the mix as wav files.

Attribution: Christmas Tree acappella was created by Sergi Yaro and provided courtesy of Usage: Free Non Commercial Only / Commercial License Required.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Samples

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  • /Christmas Tree bass.mp3 (6.57MB)

"Christmas Tree"
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