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Fishes in the Sea

uploaded: Thu, Nov 5, 2015 @ 9:40 PM
FeaturingSassy Girl, Scomber, Clarence Simpson, ElRon XChile, Rhythmboy, sterixx, carlito, 51577, CiOnDaddy, zuluonedrop
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Another remix from ElRon’s inaugural Peavey Power Slide recording session. While waiting for the Ebay steel guitar purchase to arrive, we decided to ready a reggae song in G or C.

Searching ccmixter for reggae, discovered Clarence Simpson’s version of Fishes in the Sea and that pointed to Sassy Girl and Scomber’s version, neither of which are in G or C. We settled on Bb and repitched the samples accordingly.

Using drums & percussion from,, ccmixter and our sample library plus reggae horns and samples by Clarence and Scomber, we created a backing track for Sassy Girl, Scomber and Clarence’s pells.

Sidechaining: A technique that we do not use enough was liberally applied. A compressor on Scomber’s bass track was sidechained to the kick drum track except during Clarence’s vocals. To reduce the horns stepping on the vocals, the horn (brass section, bone & tuba) track’s compressors were sidechained to the vocal track. Same sidechaining approach was used on Elron’s guitar and steel tracks during the outro vocals.

Da Voices and Riddim

Scomber - bass, rhythm guitar and vocal
Sassy Girl - vocal
Clarence Simpson - bass (outro) and vocals (break)
ElRon XChile - Steel guitar (Peavy Powerslide tuned G-B-D-G-B-D) and lead guitar (Samick hollow body)
Rhythmboy - cowbell
sterixx - reggae drums (
carlito - reagge timbales (
51577 - reggaeton drums (, inactive user)
CiOnDaddy - reggae dembow (
zuluonedrop - tambourine ( - Creative Commons 0 License
The Bay Saint Louis horns

"Fishes in the Sea"
by texasradiofish

2015 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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