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Closing the Doors to Chance

uploaded: Fri, Apr 10, 2015 @ 11:46 PM last modified: Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 12:28 AM  (replace)
FeaturingFarisha, Steven Bryant, CSoul, Riobravo, ElRon XChile
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This remix started with Greg Baumont’s “Slap bass loop”. Looking for vocal to place over the bass loop Farisha’s “Walk Away” vocal hook sounded like a candidate. The vocals sounded like C# minor so we pitched up Greg’s bass to C# except for some one beats (first beat of the bar) that were left as A notes to break up the repetitiveness . To further victimize Greg’s bass, it was mangled by running it through Amplitube’s model of Fender Bassman 300 amplifier with Fender Blender and Diode Overdrive stomp boxes and a Bass 810 Pro cabinet.

Unfortunately, the bass line did not well support the vocal hook so Farisha’s vocal part and Greg’s bass part were separated within the remix. Funky drums were added to the bass and the bass loop was edited, chopped and mangled to better fit the drums. Less aggressive funky drums were added to the vocal part with droning synth pads for bottom and more mid range bass lines towards the end of the vocal hook and outro.

At this point, ElRon recorded Stratocaster guitar with some new gadgets. This resulted in a rhythm and lead for Greg’s bass line and an outro lead.

Cheesy synthesized Farfisa organ sound as added in Greg’s bass line sections and CSoul’s guitar was added to Farisha’s part for color.

A break was need so ccMixter was searched for lyric “close the door.” Riobravo’s “The Drifter” was the only result. Mangled the phrase “close the door again” in several dimensions to fit the break. Added CSoul’s bell and guitar plus the cheesy Farfisa to the break. Still more vocal was desired. ccMixter lyrics were searched for “door” to find a victim. Somehow (probably busy fingers and very old bourbon) I found myself staring at Steve Bryant’s “Miss Your Love” page listening to him lament “you don’t come around here no more”. Steve’s narrative fits Farisha’s narrative (she’s gone, he misses her) so Steve’s vocals were well mangled and pitched down one step to fit into the song in three parts: intro, break and second of Greg’s bass line sections.

The break was reused to create the intro with CSoul, Steven and Riobravo.

Interesting and happy coincidence was leaving some of Greg’s one beat bass notes as an A instead of C# well supported Steve’s phrase “your love”.

Reliving the past: In high school, a Hammond was out of reach financially. Farfisa organs were used in pop music during the 1960s. I played a Farfisa organ with two Fender Vibratone (poor man’s Leslie) cabinets. In this remix, the cheesy synthesized Farifisa sound uses the Amplitube Fender Vibrtatone model VST channel plugin.

The Amplitube Fender Collection is fun. In the remix, used it for the bass and organ. Ron’s first lead used a model of parallel Fender MH-500 MetalHead amplifiers each with MH 412SL cabinets. The outro lead uses the freeware Amplitube American Tube Clean 1 preset with freeware effect ZA8 Dual Delay.

Ron’s rhythm guitar uses the freeware VST California Sun by Auraplug.

As usual, Ozone 5 is used in the master channel with mid-side Exciter and mid-side post EQ. Wrt Ozone 6, usually buy Ozone upgrades immediately after release but reviews are mixed. Saving up for new monitors. My Event monitors have been down for lack of parts and we are using an eclectic mix of inexpensive Logitech desktop PC speakers and really old ElectroVoice studio speakers.

Attribution: “Walk Away” vocals courtesy of Farisha and Looperman.com

"Closing the Doors to Chance"
by texasradiofish

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