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The Four Stones

uploaded: Sat, Nov 15, 2014 @ 10:51 PM
Featuringfourstones (victor), Electronico, ElRon XChile, Kara Square, Javolenus, shagrugge, gezortenplotz, Slanesh, FreqMan, hinzebeat, KRAFTWERK2K1, sandyrb, Rutger Muller, gilly11
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Wishing to play live music beyond the down home sound of the chitlin’ circuit blues jams of the Texas coast, our hero ventures into the city to find an urban jam session and finds himself jammin’ funk rock with legendary ccMixter artist, fourstones. No rutabagas were injured making this audio.


(1) NYC_street leve02l courtesy of gezortenplotz.This work is licensed CC BY
(2) porte-open-close courtesy of Slanesh. This work is licensed CC BY
(3) Door open and shuts courtesy of FreqMan. This work is licensed CC BY
(4) Starting car engine courtesy of hinzebeat. This work is licensed CC BY
(5) Car engine won’t start courtesy of KRAFTWERK2K1. This work is licensed CC BY
(6) Vocal crescendo courtesy of sandyrb. This work is licensed CC BY
(7) Car Ignition Key - Engine Starting Running Idle courtesy of RutgerMuller. This work is licensed CC 0
(8) Vehicle Ignition Driveoff courtesy of gilly11. This work is licensed CC BY

"The Four Stones"
by texasradiofish

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