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High Noon

uploaded: Sun, Mar 27, 2016 @ 3:52 PM last modified: Sun, Apr 3, 2016 @ 1:25 PM  (del)
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The backing track for this remix.

Chords: Am Em Am Em F Em F E

Note: I’m generally (also here) using commercial VST instrument plugins, which include recorded samples that are licensed to be used in full mixes, but (understandably) not to be re-posted as samples. As a result I often can’t post individual tracks of the backing tracks of my remixes. So what I’ve posted here for this (and some others) is my full backing track / instrumental.

And on this particular one, I’ve also posted a zip file with components that are intended to be copyright clean:

* Audio FLAC files for “real” instruments I’ve played and recorded myself.
* Midi files for parts I’ve created for this, and that can be used with other plugins or external midi hardware. And I’ve attempted to give informative file names to make these little parts easy to use.

A final note: The electric guitar tracks are played and recorded through my full dual tube amplifier setup including a full complement of pedalboard effects. The faint synth sound is created by my newest toy, the Boss SY-300 and the way I have my rig configured, it gets mixed with the other stomp box FX (delay and chorus/flange) in the FX loops of the 2 guitar amplifiers. (Yes, there’s a tiny mixer on my pedalboard!)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Parts

  • /HighNoon-12-Bass-70bpm-Am-Em-Am-Em-F-Em-F-E.mid (519)
  • /HighNoon-12-ElectricGuitar-70bpm-Chords-bar5to8-F-Em-F-E.flac (1.90MB)
  • /HighNoon-12-ElectricGuitar-70bpm-Melody-bar1to4-Am-Em.flac (1.88MB)
  • /HighNoon-12-ElectricGuitar-70bpm-Noodling-Am-Em-Am-Em-F-Em-F-E.flac (3.66MB)
  • /HighNoon-12-ElectricGuitar-70bpm-Rhythm-Am-Em-Am-Em-F-Em-F-E.flac (3.67MB)
  • /HighNoon-12-Harmonica-70bpm-Wobbly-E.flac (613.13KB)
  • /HighNoon-12-NylonGuitar-70bpm-MainRhythm-Am-Em-Am-Em-F-Em-F-E.flac (3.75MB)
  • /HighNoon-12-NylonGuitar-70bpm-Noodling-Am-Em-Am-Em-F-Em-F-E.flac (3.99MB)
  • /HighNoon-12-NylonGuitar-70bpm-SeveralRhythms-Am-Em-Am-Em-F-Em-F-E.flac (10.95MB)
  • /HighNoon-12-Pad-70bpm-Chords-Am-Em-Am-Em-F-Em-F-E.mid (864)
  • /HighNoon-12-Pluck-70bpm-Noodling-Am-Em-Am-Em-F-Em-F-E.mid (610)
  • /HighNoon-12-PluckAndHold-70bpm-Melody2-Am-Em-Am-Em-F-Em-F-E.mid (540)

"High Noon"
by spinmeister

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