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uploaded: Mon, May 5, 2008 @ 8:21 PM
FeaturingKaer Trouz, TheJoe
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I really wanted to make my next remix something highly electronic, but sometimes the music leads you to different places - and I just hope it ended up in a good place.

This song has a rather interesting DNA, although it uses only two tracks by other artists. Nonetheless - the whole history deserves mentioning, because that history served as the inspiration for this remix.

The DNA of this remix is

On the father’s side: The midi file of the very handsome piano track by TheJoe, which in turn started it’s life as a piano accompaniment to an a cappella track by Mandyleigh Storm.

On the mother’s side, it features the drop dead gorgeous vocal track of Kaer Trouz, which in turn was inspired by a stunning guitar track by Loveshadow, which in turn was inspired by the lovely Honeychild a cappella by by Narva 9.

I added a few technical notes in the “How I did it”, if anyone is interested, because that wasn’t entirely trivial either :-)

by spinmeister

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Editorial pick

Is it real or is it Memorex? An amazing re-arrangement by Spinmeister of both the piano and the vocals (from separate songs) to make this smooth lounge child.