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Comfy And Cushy

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Just a silly little something I wrote/recorded a while back when I was contemplating trading in my pickup for a comfortable sedan.

Everybody gets old sooner or later
unless they don’t make it that far
so you may as well decide if you’re gonna fight your fate
or if you’re gonna buy a comfy car

I’ve been drivin’ a pickup
pretnear all my life
For the life that I’ve lived
it’s always sufficed
but now my bones ache
if I’m drivin’ long range
and I feel like it just might be
time for a change

There comes a time for a Buick
or an Oldsmobile
or a Caddy if you’ve got the cash
unless you’re really loaded
and you’d like a Mercedes
to prove that you’re not poor white trash

I want style and comfort and miles per gallon
I was born before Carson
I’ll be outlived by Fallon

I’m gettin’ too old
to be bruisin’ my tushy
I just want a ride now that’s comfy and cushy

"Comfy And Cushy"
by Speck

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