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I Dreamt I Was Missing In Person

uploaded: Fri, Jun 10, 2011 @ 3:17 PM last modified: Fri, Jun 10, 2011 @ 3:25 PM  (add)
FeaturingJeris, BillRayDrums
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Many thanks to:
Jeris - piano (from Missing Person), bass and drums (from I Dreamt)
BillRayDrums - drums

I really liked this piano stem from Jeris and this mix is built for/from/around an arrangement of it.

Contents of ZIP Archive: SpeckLoopsIDreamt

  • /sax 09a.wav (981.04KB)
  • /flute 06a.wav (2.68MB)
  • /flute 07a.wav (3.56MB)
  • /flute 08a.wav (3.11MB)
  • /guitar 01a.wav (1.89MB)
  • /guitar 02a.wav (753.00KB)
  • /guitar 05a.wav (2.78MB)
  • /guitar 06a.wav (1.54MB)
  • /guitar 07a.wav (498.11KB)
  • /guitar 08a.wav (1.55MB)
  • /guitar 11a.wav (1.55MB)
  • /ocarina 01a.wav (1.67MB)
  • /organ 01a.wav (2.10MB)
  • /organ 02a.wav (1.03MB)
  • /organ 03a.wav (1.08MB)
  • /organ 04a.wav (1.73MB)
  • /organ 05a.wav (1.31MB)
  • /organ 08a.wav (2.16MB)
  • /sax 03a.wav (2.98MB)
  • /sax 06a.wav (1.77MB)
  • /sax 08a.wav (1.31MB)

"I Dreamt I Was Missing In Person"
by Speck

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