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Memory of Paradise (Honeymoon Overture)

uploaded: Sat, Jul 20, 2013 @ 10:08 PM
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Jeris’s catalog is so wide, so inspiring, I just listened to his library for a few days, in awe. Many of his remixes, without even picking apart his stems, spoke to me and a vision was born. Having just returned from my glorious honeymoon, the many sonic paints Jeris has shared with us through remixes, compositions and stems inspired my sharing of chapters from my incredible experience.

I didn’t play a single instrument in this production — just treated, edited, and recombined elements and composed songs, vocal lines and storyline. Jeris’s remixes include many mixters too. I thank them all for the great musical works they’ve contributed to make this piece possible.

This is by far my most challenging production I’ve ever tried to undertake. While I didn’t play a single instrument, I struggled to make many pieces become one, in level, sound and theme. I hope I’ve done Jeris and his amazing talent some justice. Peace and Love

Memory of Paradise

Our lovers’ paradise was enchanted, intertwined with midnight rain
Each sunrise like wine, bold pinks, warm reds, the same colors beating in my heart
(Mad Summer Nights) Embraced by the wind
(Mad Summer Nights) Kissed by the sea
Holding each moment as it gently slipped into memory

Falling like leaves from a tree, fading like memories
Falling like leaves from a tree, we’re pushin’ daisies

As the always sets we knew eventually heaven would rest

So we imbibed in all love has to offer
Drunk and high on more than rum and tequila
Magic smoke, pine, plumeria
A duet of lovers, two red-crested cardinals with our guitar….imagine

I stand on shifting ocean sand, an hourglass of bliss still slipping through my hands
Waves break rock and smooth it down, moonlight pulls the tide somehow
Yes hearts of Lovers seem to understand (come on)

The legends of Makana lit a flame in us,
Erupting as our own tears mixed with a warm summer rain.
And there in the lush mountainous gardens of LImahuli, longing was born.

A night of stars a ceiling for lovers’ unspoken charms
A night of stars held in a circle of pine arms
Sweethearts dreaming outdoors, song of the ocean roaring
Oh what mysteries spark in the starlight of dark

Ah our temperate nights under infinite stars
The passionate breath of the wind, a warm down pour,
Luring us indoors (a night of stars)

We flew to a new haven, a bay of blue dotted by dorsal fins.
We swam in their midst, wild dolphin spinning, mating,
Mirroring our own adoration, celebrating all species and all creation.

The sheer cliffs of Sweetheart Rock
An amber trail of the setting sun,
Dancing torches, romance.

I am in Love with your Enchanted world
Where rain is a wet kiss on a mystical bay
I am here loving you, lift me away
To your enchanted world today

I never want this to end, memory lives forever

We’re falling like leaves from a tree
We’re fading like memories
We’re fallling like leaves from a tree
Under our feet we’re pushin’ daisies
Under our feet we’re pushin’ daisies

Memory lives forever

"Memory of Paradise (Honeymoon Overture)"
by Snowflake

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Take a trip to this magical place where the musical mastery of Jeris and Snowflake combines… creating a world of honeymoon basking happiness for all to enjoy. Snowflake’s Secret Mixter remix of Jeris is a movement of musical joy and everyone is invited to the party of love… just by pushing play…

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