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Mine + Yours = Ours

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So I’m stuck in bed with a torn LCL. Admittedly, I was on muscle relaxants when this was born.

Special thanks to go1dfish for turning on all my gear, adjusting my mic, helping get me comfortably situated, engineering and showing me how to EQ & render in Reaper. :)

Mine + Yours = Ours

I own these words
They are my words, not yours
My creation, my pronunciation
My very own annunciation!

My own syllables and rhymes
My own meter, my own time
These are my words, not yours

Pause. Mind the Gap.
Formless. Enters.

Mind-dive to silent depths
Melt. High.
Eye and eye.
Through before unreachable nebulae

If time is unreal,
Presence — the only, one, true, gift,
How can there be
Yours without mine and mine without yours?
In this ever-moving infinite
Beautiful, chaotic, dysfunctional

But where there is one
We divide one
In two.
Divide the whole into
Yours and mine.

Wake the fuck up.
Wake up. Wake up.

With infinite everything
Existing all hours
What’s yours and what’s mine
Must also be ours.

Yes, yes
I’m waking,
I am here, now
I see!

There is one
There is three!
No absurdity
We’ve heard
Called duality!

Sides combined
We are whole,
We are one
We are We
We’re the Holy Pythagorean

Choose yours or mine?
We’re no longer confined
To black and white.
We’re exploring
With color
We’re beginning to see
From this ignorance at least,
At last, we are free!

One and one
Is always three.

"Mine + Yours = Ours"
by Snowflake

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Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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