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Freedom Is Me (Rough Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Jan 25, 2009 @ 3:11 PM
byScott Altham
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Found this on my HD this evening whilst organizing my poorly organized sample collection. It was written about 6 months ago as the first ‘test’ track when I started to first learn / play with Logic 8.

If I remember correctly, this whole track was written under the influence (drinking is bad kids, don’t do), so I think it proves drink has no effect on creativity!

Because of this drunkenness, I seemed to be oblivious to the major fizz factor of the vocal track. I now listen however and think that the fizzing add’s to the roughness of the mix and I’ve decided to keep it in rather than reduce it. I think it add’s to the overall effect of creating an intimate, close to the ear, almost whispery experience. More a novelty upload since its been a couple of days….

Comments welcome y’all (recommends are all good, but I love comments, so please make a young scouse lad happy :-)

"Freedom Is Me (Rough Mix)"
by Scott Altham

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