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Mr Cheeseman

uploaded: Sat, Dec 18, 2010 @ 11:53 PM
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Nothing as good as embarrasing the hell out of the kids on a Sunday morning with some cheesy rapping from their old man.
They were embarrassed from the first Yo! I do love my cheese though… blessed are the cheesemakers…

Mister Cheeseman

Yo say cheese
Mr Cheeseman
Say cheese
Say cheese
Say it Mr Cheeseman
I’ll give you all you need man

Some say they like their Russian caviar
with lobster mornay
down in Mandalay
A billion dollars neat
in the linings of their plumped up seat
and breathe it in every day
Hey Homies it’s not for me;
mine’s a plain uncomplicated simple thrill
just gimmie sourdough bread
lay me down a cheddar bed
and melt beneath
beneath my grill

That’s Mr Cheeseman
that’s it ladies
now chill

Just play it Mr Cheeseman
Say Cheese

You can take your Queen
with all her high tea
as she flips her cucumber hand at me
with all those jewels and tea in China
she’s all beef wellington with no cheese insider her

Mr Cheeseman
Just play it Mr Cheeseman

Yeah some brothers say they like their sunday roast
just melt mine down and serve on toast
blue vein gouda
just serve it to me nuda
or slice some dairy down there in Bermuda
I’m a cheesey old fellow
dressed in yellow
a fun-do fondue
feed it to me mellow
a dirty old man
not yours until -
You slice it up beaneth my grill
Yeah I’m the cheeseman
That’s right
I’m playing Mr Cheeseman
Now chill

Just say it Mr Cheeseman
Yo Say cheese
Im the Cheeseman

Say cheese!
Say cheese!
Im the Cheeseman
Im the Cheeseman

"Mr Cheeseman"
by Scomber

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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