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Secret Garden

uploaded: Tue, Aug 25, 2009 @ 6:40 PM
FeaturingChuck Berglund
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It was lots of fun being paired with Chuck with his lush orchestral pads and soundscapes.
I ended using a couple of his pad progressions from his sample pack and built a song around it.
Pad stem 1 forms the skeleton and there’s “levatation” as a prelude.
Hope you like.

Here’s the words;

Secret Garden

I’ve got to tell you a secret
(it’s a secret)

Strip back the color from my heart
unwind my head right back
reset my counter to the start
now fade to black

Tear the pages of our lives
there aint no consolation prize
for all we worked,
or dreams we had

I’ve seen the garden in her eyes
excuses made
through many lies
I thought we could live with that

but I was wrong

Its taken time to realize
that weeds have grown
above my eyes
the autunm leaves are piling high
no room for that

been walkn through your secret garden
my body burning now sun hardened
you’ve picked my grapes
right from the vine
I’ve seen you mixing hate with blood and bone
and frightened birds from the seeds you’ve sown
don’t fertilised my love
with herbicide

Strip back the colors from my heart
no map to plot from where you start
please look away!
Set back my garden of my pain
from burning droughts and flooding rain
oh I can’t grow tall
in the dark
I’ve you seen your sprinklers on
when raining strong
your scarecrows left the town and gone
there aint no way to say so long
I’m leavn here!
I find my way inside
I’ve contemplated suicide
I know its dumb and wrong
(they say)
it lasts way too long

should never fertilise with herbicide
in your secret garden
oh no no

In your secret garden
no no no
secret garden yeah
secret garden baby
secret garden…

In your secret garden
in your secret garden yeah
secret garden
In your secret garden
secret garden
In your secret garden girl
Oh I dont care

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"Secret Garden"
by ScOmBer

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