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Faceless War

uploaded: Fri, Aug 14, 2009 @ 1:00 AM
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I’m giving the soppy love songs a rest for a little while.
I fell asleep in front of the TV last night and was awoken to the sound of CNN featuring a dying Afghan boy who had his legs blown off in the street from a road side bomb.
I really thought the West was beginning to understand that you win a war by winning the hearts of the people, not spreading their entrails in the street.
Many thanks to Roger for uploading the instrumental for this piece, I played with it a bit, but spent more time on the lyrics than usual this time around.
The news grabs at the start are courtesy of US Public radio (public domain).
Though I initially supported the “war on terror”, I really feel we are starting to loose the plot again…
Ask any mother of a boy who comes home in a box, or an Afghan farmer who would rather grow wheat than opium.
End of rant.
Hope you like.
Pella up soon.
My pizza’s going cold.

Here’s the words;

Faceless War

I turned the TV on just now
and made it for their dying hour
with tears
so bitter sweet
along my way.

There’s children dying on the street
through drugs we buy
enough to eat
but I’d like turn away…

I saw a boy with eyes like mine
of human race
of ties that bind
a senseless waste,
now blood in haste…

Who knows the score
in that faceless war?
Can’t see no winners in this game!
Who needs some more?

I hear the screams as winter comes
a brother lost from road side bombs
so easily, efficiently, economically..
and if we started dropping hundred bills
instead of bombs designed to kill
the terror’s gone that we instill

Who knows the score
in that faceless war?
Who knows whats lost?
Innocence with cost.

In that faceless war
faceless war
faceless war

Cause I’ve seen it in their eyes!
Their broken homes
of fractured lives
with hatred of our privileged ways…
As our movie stars in urban haze
as missiles light their Afghan ways
another death I’m not surprised!
To look away
we know the price…

from that faceless war
of a faceless war

Well I’m OK
I can turn the television off
there’s a pizza at my door…
not a faceless war…

Scomber 2009 x

"Faceless War"
by ScOmBer

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