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Since Ive been loving you

uploaded: Thu, Aug 6, 2009 @ 11:23 PM
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To paraphrase Ross, “just added a few words”.
One take, no words written down before, sung it how I felt it.
Hope you like.

Scomber x

Here’s the words, pell up sometime later.

Since I’ve been loving you

Caught a flash of your reflection
it wasn’t your intention
when you left that mirror in hall

Since you’ve come to my attention
Ooo baby
now I know
what smiles are for

Should I listen to my heart?
or do I listen to my head?
Or do I take a step foward,
take a chance like you said?
While the Santa Anna blows
my love for you it grows
baby spend some time
put loving hand in mine

Since I’ve been loving you
I’m not afraid of all of that
or what I gotta do girl
to keep you coming back

They say winter may be cold
with the future to unfold
but our star is burning bright
with you in my arms tonight

Since I’ve been loving you
oh girl!
not thing in this whole world
would come close to this I’m sure
but there aint no thing above
than a new loves push and shove
to my heart
so I guess its really love

Since I’ve been loving you
I’m not afraid of all of that
or what I gotta do now girl
to keep you coming back
Since I’ve been loving you
I know what now to do.


"Since Ive been loving you"
by Scomber

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Typically, many of the best remixes and ed picks involve many hours spent arranging and tweeking tracks, crafting the best possible track. But sometimes, an artist gets inspired by another’s fine work/contribution here, or as victor likes to say “adds to the conversation” by getting inspired to write a new song, and Scomber flawlessly executes this here in one take. Who could imagine an aussie surfer pulling this off. With huge kudos to old Dog for the backing music.

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