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Voice Over Intro to Scene2 "Bookburning" - Blue Lips, Loose Hips" (pell)

uploaded: Mon, Jan 26, 2009 @ 7:57 PM
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Here’s the spoken word pella for the intro to scene 2 of “Blue lips, Loose Hips”. The whole nasty tale of woe can be heard via this playlist.
The pell mixed as part of the latest Interactive musical can be heard against the talents of Vidian here.

This is the narrators script for this scene intro;

Anchor sits dejected , forlorn at the foot of his bed.
He begins to grieve those lost parties and spontaneously staged photo ops.

He turns his gaze upon her pretty face.
It is grey, her hair is matted, her lips are blue
- yet he is struck by the way she appears even more pretty and fashionable than before.

Blindly, he walks towards his library in the hope of finding the solace from an old master.
Dickens, Keats, Chaucer - books so thick and heavy with new found menace.
He starts plucking his old friends from the shelves like discarded flowers from an abandoned hearse.
He walks to the living room,
opens his dear friend William Blake
and sets fire to a woolly tale of a lamb.

In an automated madness ,
to the sound of the pale faced guy upstairs who plays the pipe organ
he begins to throw another book into the growing fire.
Joyce, Wordsworth, Poe -
the fire is getting larger.
Not even DH Lawrence can save him now.

Over the crackling of page and spine
He reflects upon on his sorrowful deed ……
and begins to sing…..

"Voice Over Intro to Scene2 "Bookburning" - Blue Lips, Loose Hips" (pell)"
by ScOmBer

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