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May Day S-O-S

uploaded: Sun, May 8, 2016 @ 6:22 AM
byCalling Sister Midnight
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My secret mixter challenge came from Carosone’s body of work. I chose “Path of Glass” and “Space Journey.”

I was a little confused about having to use a pell from Lessig. Although we were encouraged to include his pell, he didn’t provide one.

So I decided to run with the ideas of May Day as a distress call, Morse Code, and Civil Defense.

From, I used several samples:


Also in the mix is a brief audio sample of a narrator saying, “Now, the beat is tricky but still easy enough to get,” from a training video in the Prelinger Archive about the rhythm, or “hand” in sending Morse Code. “The United States Army presents TF 11 3697 International Morse Code Hand Sending.”

"May Day S-O-S"
by Calling Sister Midnight

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Editorial pick

CSM’s experimental electronic mix fully embraces the May Day Secret Mixter theme, while thoroughly incorporating two of Carosone’s compositions. The result is innovative and enthralling. Take a listen!

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