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Falling To Pieces (reblaw27 remix)

uploaded: Wed, Dec 10, 2008 @ 5:15 PM
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had to write lyrics for Yurigara’s Sakura Kaminari/Cherry Blossom Storm track. Here’s the remix.


Falling into Pieces (lyrics)

Been a long, long time since I spoke to you
And I know that there’s no rhyme or reason
for what I put you through;
So I take your promises and the memories;
And I play them back cause I can’t breathe


You are so captivating;
You are the answer to my plea;
You are the only reason;
And I know I fall to pieces when you speak…….

You are so captivating;
You are the answer to my dream;
And You are all around me;
And I know I fall to pieces
When you speak…”to me”

All the times you came and you went away;
I have learned to love no matter what I say;
Though the world’s a stage
And we are standin’ round;
We can change the way we live right out loud

People grow,
Feelings show,
Answers come,
When your searching,
When your searching

"Falling To Pieces (reblaw27 remix)"
by reblaw27

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