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Vocals - Christmas Bells

uploaded: Thu, Dec 8, 2011 @ 5:55 AM
byIvan Chew
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Lyrics adapted from a public domain poem (author unknown). http://www.gutenberg.org/files/18908/18908-h/18908-h.htm#CHRISTMAS_BELLSII


There are sounds in the sky when the year grows old,
And the winds of the winter blow—
When night and the moon are clear and cold,
And the stars shine on the snow,
Or wild is the blast and the bitter sleet
That beats on the window-pane;
But blest on the frosty hills are the feet
Of the Christmas time again!
Chiming sweet when the night wind swells,
Christmas Bells!

The owl that sits in the ivy’s shade,
Remote from the tower,
Shall start from his drowsy watch afraid
When the clock shall strike the hour;
And over the fields in their frosty rhyme
The cheery sounds shall go,
And chime shall answer unto chime
Across the moonlit snow!
How sweet the lingering music dwells,—
Christmas Bells.

And the glorified ones from that holy hill
Are reaching their helping hands.
These be the words our music tells
Of solemn joy, O Christmas Bells!

"Vocals - Christmas Bells"
by Ivan Chew

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