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Christmas Cake on a Music Box

uploaded: Wed, Dec 17, 2008 @ 4:14 AM
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There are some at CCM who call me an experimentalist and for that I say thank you! Music for me is sound and imagery. Since very early on in my musical career I have always associated the song with some image. The image can change. Johnny B Goode has played and I have stood at the end of a pier with a storm raging and the waves crashing about and another time it has been the background for making breads on a Sunday afternoon!

This will be my last piece for 2008 and I thought it fitting to offer up a very eclectic piece which started life from the stems of John Anealio. You’ll be hard pushed to relate to that but trust me! The vocalist on such a piece has to be Anchor Mejans of course and accompanying him are the wonderful sounds of Emily as uploaded by Briareus. Her music playing in a darkened room with a glass of Merlot is a joy on its own.

I have brought in a boys choir as it’s Xmas but to get the best out of this you really need to have a good reading of Joyce’s “Dubliners” or failing that a dozen Guinesses and a meat and potato pie!

"Christmas Cake on a Music Box"
by radiotimes

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