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Your Day - Mr Yesterday and Piero Peluche

uploaded: Sat, Jun 13, 2015 @ 7:22 AM
byPiero Peluche
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Mr Yesterday: Vocals, Bass and Claps.
Piero Peluche: Hamer Monaco Electric Guitar, Mellotron Violins, Drums, Percussion, Mixing and Mastering.

Your Day

I feel the thunder; [but] I don’t smell the rain.
I hear the whistle, not the rush of the train.
I taste the hot blood from my chin
where the razor’s marked my skin.
Hope you won’t see the state I’m in.

I taste the wine but still the fruit is bittersweet.
I feel the disappointment and can’t tell it from defeat.
I hear the hot spark on the wire
I see between me and your fire.
I smell perfume, [but] not desire.

I watch the matches [as they] blossom into flame
and smell the smoke as each one flickers out again.
I hear the verses as they’re sung
and taste my breath, but hold my tongue.
I’d sing myself, but my pride’s been stung.

I smell the dust the dancers kick up in the air.
I see your portrait, but the likeness isn’t there.
I feel your hand inside the glove
and hear bright crystal tap above.
I taste champagne, but it’s not love.

I see the ring but I can’t hear the wedding band.
I touch our castle as it crumbles into sand
and smell the cold breeze blowing through
this world that used to taste of you.
I’m doing fine, just feeling blue.

"Your Day - Mr Yesterday and Piero Peluche"
by Piero Peluche

2015 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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