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One Endless Unity

uploaded: Wed, Jun 7, 2006 @ 10:05 PM
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The piece “Preservation” from my album “Subtle Precautions” on provides much of the melody here. “Preservation” is a collaboration with jazzman LeftOver Brass, whose wonderful MIDI jazz may be explored at:

I think that B Trasht’s upload of 12 seconds of beats lives entirely up to its advertisement to the effect that it may be used universally (and, indeed, it can be used in one endless unity, indivisible). Thanks also to Alchemist Jack, whom I frequently sample in drafts, but do not use nearly often enough in things I share with others.

The spoken word, text and vox, were edited out on revision.

"One Endless Unity"
by gurdonark

2006 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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