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Rhonda Jean Barton

uploaded: Sat, Feb 4, 2006 @ 5:47 AM
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Rhonda Jean Barton

When she sighs,
I imagine a dozen places—
Places in films,
Places in dreams.
She expels them,
with her breath,
laced with mint,
when she sighs.

This piece incorporates a substantial sample of my version/morph of “CwmRhondda” by John Hughes. I am grateful for the public domain work of Peter Chubb and the Mutopia Project, which make public domain sheet music and MIDI files available to all, including the MIDI version of “Cwm Rhondda” from which I derived this version. Some may know “Cwm Rhondda” better through Harry Fosdick’s lyrics applied to an uptempo hymn called “God of Grace and God of Glory”.

Those who, like me, enjoy working with MIDI pieces and morphing them about a bit might enjoy visiting, which is working on the side of the open source angels.

"Rhonda Jean Barton"
by gurdonark

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