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Forgotten Dreams

uploaded: Sat, Mar 29, 2008 @ 3:15 AM
FeaturingC. Reider
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The Purple

Far in the purple valleys of illusion
I see her waiting, like the soul of music,
With deep eyes, lovelier than cerulean pansies,
Shadow and fire, yet merciless as poison;
With red lips, sweeter than Arabian storax,
Yet bitterer than myrrh.—O tears and kisses!
O eyes and lips, that haunt my soul forever!

Again Spring walks transcendent on the mountains:
The woods are hushed: the vales are blue with shadows:
Above the heights, steeped in a thousand splendors,
Like some vast canvas of the gods, hangs burning
The sunset’s wild sciography: and slowly
The moon treads heaven’s proscenium,—night’s stately
White queen of love and tragedy and madness.

Again I know forgotten dreams and longings;
Ideals lost; desires dead and buried
Beside the altar sacrifice erected
Within the heart’s high sanctuary. Strangely
Again I know the horror and the rapture,
The utterless awe, the joy akin to anguish,
The terror and the worship of the spirit.

Again I feel her eyes pierce through and through me;
Her deep eyes, lovelier than imperial pansies,
Velvet and flame, through which her fierce will holds me,
Powerless and tame, and draws me on and onward
To sad, unsatisfied and animal yearnings,
Wild, unrestrained—the brute within the human—
To fling me panting on her mouth and bosom.

Again I feel her lips like ice and fire,
Her red lips, odorous as Arabian storax,
Fragrance and fire, within whose kiss destruction
Lies serpent-like. Intoxicating languors
Resistlessly embrace me, soul and body;
And we go drifting, drifting—she is laughing—
Outcasts of God, into the deep’s abysm.
—Madison Cawein, Louisville, Kentucky USA 1899

All this month, I have been involved in a remix project of the ambient

artist C. Reider’s album of guitar ambience recorded in an industrial
space called “the Long Defeat”. This album is available in the Creative Commons for free download at:
I sampled three minutes of my fifteen minute remix of the track “LD 13”
as the principal sound for this song.

"Forgotten Dreams"
by gurdonark

2008 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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