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Wash Your Hands

uploaded: Sun, May 12, 2013 @ 11:58 PM last modified: Mon, May 13, 2013 @ 12:26 AM  (add)
byDown With Ben
FeaturingSackJo22, Haskel, Kara Square
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I am a father of four young’uns, and am fortunate to be married to an incredible woman who is a much more patient parent than I.

Parenthood is a messy business. In honor of Mother’s Day, this track is a tribute to moms (and dads) everywhere who encourage their kids to wash up after getting dirty.

Thanks to HEJ31 and SackJo22 for instrumental inspiration, and to Kara Square for giving me a hand. :)


Climbing trees, rolling in the dirt
Rip your jeans and stain your shirt

But dirt and grime cannot stay around.
You get it on you, gotta wash it on down the drain.

You get dirty, better wash your hands…

You been running around all day.
So now I hope you’ll see things my way.
You can cry, don’t matter how loud.
But messy fingers are not allowed, okay?

Get dirty, better wash your hands…

You get dirty, better wash your hands…

Hey baby girl, I seen where you been playing.
And it ain’t the cleanest place around, hear what I’m saying?
So before you take on step inside that door
You had better shoe me what the and water’s for.

Hey, hey get yourself clean and wash your hands.

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"Wash Your Hands"
by Down With Ben

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