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the beat

uploaded: Mon, Jun 27, 2005 @ 9:03 PM
byAnalog By Nature
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i usually don’t like to give away my breaks but, in the middle of this song there is a sweet clean break for you all to sample, ps… i added some chopped j lang vocals for extra spice… enjoy.

"the beat"
by Analog By Nature

2005 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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Editorial pick

The beat indeed (!) is infectious, meditative and lulls you into a chill-trance. Pulling off one of the best examples of sample layering on ccMixter, cdk wins the award for “most improved Mixter’ (not sure how he feels about that, we mean it in the best possible way with best possible feelings of respect and admiration). Week after week I’ve watched and listened as the uploads just got better and better, surprise after surprise.

Vocal flavorings sprinkled throughout by JLang who is closing in on “most sampled Mixter” — a beautiful combination.

Thanks guys.