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byClarence Simpson
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Tigabeatz, who was my assignment for this secret mixter, doesn’t have a huge library of samples just yet, but I was immediately drawn to use his fantastic collection of percussion samples as the primary remix element.

The fact that the samples were in 3/4 time narrowed my focus tremendously and led me to finally finish a song (with lyrics!) that I had started writing several years ago. All the pieces are there, but my ears are exhausted and I’m out of time, so I suspect the mixing of the track is a bit sloppy.

Stems and pella included.

Serenity Lyrics:
[ Verse 1 ]
I bought a brand new car today
I drive it 45 miles each way
To a place that is not my home
And a life that is not my own
But I like the pay

Nobody dreams of responsibility
Or holding down a 9-5 eternity
Of incorporated slavery

[ Chorus ]
But I…
Won’t worry about
The things that I can’t change

But the things I can I pray that I
Can find the strength to modify
And compromise

And I…
I hope that in time
I can come to know the difference

[ Verse 2 ]
But I do just what I can
Though money tumbles out my hands
And time is a currency
That I just don’t see

Is the future still unlimited?
Are dreams still worth dreaming?
The eyes of a child are shining
Looking up at me

[ Chorus ]

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems

  • /Rhythm Guitar 2.mp3 (2.75MB)
  • /Outro Guitar Arps.mp3 (1.51MB)
  • /Percussion Mix.mp3 (4.80MB)
  • /Rhythm Guitar 1.mp3 (3.80MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vocals

  • /More Outro Vox.mp3 (1.52MB)
  • /Outro Aahs 1 - Dry.mp3 (1.45MB)
  • /Outro Aahs 1 - Wet.mp3 (1.63MB)
  • /Outro Aahs 2 - Dry.mp3 (1.35MB)
  • /Outro Aahs 2 - Wet.mp3 (1.56MB)
  • /Harmony and Outro Vox.mp3 (1.80MB)
  • /Lead Vox.mp3 (3.01MB)

by Clarence Simpson

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Editorial pick

A song for today and tomorrow, a classic soul sound from yesterday with warm acoustics and fantastic vocal harmonies from Clarence and a loose percussive groove from Tigabeatz.