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Celebrity (The Circus is on Fire Remix)

uploaded: Sun, Aug 5, 2007 @ 11:33 AM
FeaturingMs.Muthaphukkin Vybe
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Thank you, Ms. Muthaphukkin, for your funny singing-words. In this one, once upon a time a metaphonic starlet that seems to be in the end of her career. The arguments of her songs and her presentation are not anymore accept for the media. And then, she became revolt and decides to put all the freak circus of show business on fire. To make her own kind of revenge, she aims into a global press interview by Internet, when she appears sitting on a blue velvet chair and releasing the curls of her hair. Then she lights a match in her fingernail and put fire on them.
The world is in panic with the images, and she survives to her attempt. And discover, after a well succeed plastic surgery - with so many gratitude - that her intention was ever pure. And, like a clown in the circus, she ends the story laughing a lot, watching a television show, presenting her life story and the revolution at the show business that her attitude was done. From that moment on, the circus would be share with everyone, but this time in a form of an indian tent.

"Celebrity (The Circus is on Fire Remix)"
by businari

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