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The Aethrobast

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Aethrobasy is an obscure word
meaning “walking in air” or levitation. In this offering I contemplate the possible consequences of spiritual glamor and the dizzying effects of probing unfathomable mysteries. Thank you to Terry Fry for working closely with me in bringing the back-up music to life. The Magnatune Library is full of wonderful sample materials - from it I garnered the choral extractions.


Walking on water
rising through air
ascend golden stairways
Heaven is there

Astral projections
prophetic dreams
the world of illusion
is not what it seems

Ask Madame Blavatsky
bare-breasted at noon
Her baboon de-evolving
turns his pink ass to the moon

Ask Aleister Crowley
to clean up his mess
his spells and addictions
we need to confess

We’ve loved what was hidden
We’ve loved what is lost
now awestruck and homesick
we turn and we toss

How many angels
can dance on a pin?
Is looking too deeply
a science or sin?

"The Aethrobast"
by Anchor

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