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Soldiers Don't Start Wars (Acappella)

uploaded: Sun, May 8, 2011 @ 6:13 AM
FeaturingStephen Wilson
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A war poem supporting our troops. By our troops I mean troops from your country which for me it is the UK, for you it could be the USA, Germany, France, etc.

The words:

Soldiers Don’t Start Wars by Stephen Wilson

I am a soldier, the best, continually running and shooting without a rest.
Aged 7 years old to the day, my friends die constantly before reviving to fight another way.

Quickly are those bygone years replaced by adult life and untold fears.
War did not seem so likely to me when enlisting in our Military.

Our new toys are big, bold and brash covered with colours of green , brown and ash.
Their noise is deafening to a high degree making ear-protection a necessity.

The battle ground was totally insane like fighting inside some computer game.
Surreal experiences certain to last forever, no matter our future or endeavours.

Soldiers do not start the fight, it’s loud mouth politicians who retain that right.
They are the ones who shout up to the rafters, demanding action after perceived disasters.

Sir Winston Churchill was hear to say that Jaw, Jaw not War, War was the way.
Wise words learnt as tyranny reigned but now ignored which to me seems insane.

Generations fail to learn from the past uninterested and bored by historical facts.
Failing to grasp the pain and suffering, taking their facts from Hollywood acting.

Politicians, you send our young into battle while not prepared to dodge the shrapnel.
Words have no courage nor does cowering behind a cordon of steel win you respect or public appeal.

Send us into battle if you must but be prepared to show support and cover our backs.
Physical injuries sustained may heal but the mind might remain on the battle field.

Showing us respect would suffice especially to those paying the ultimate sacrifice.
Forces personnel are family and friends will this mindless bloodshed ever end?

"Soldiers Don't Start Wars (Acappella)"
by Togora

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