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ccMixter Rap

uploaded: Mon, Mar 21, 2011 @ 3:59 AM
FeaturingStephen Wilson
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This is a ccMixter promo which is longer than normal. It is intended to be funny but put over the facts about the ccMixter site. ccMixter can use this audio file for their purposes if used to advertise their site.

For those interested parties you will find the words I used below:

ccMixter is the place to be, it’s incredibly useful for you and for me.

You’ll find the samples whether music or accapella spoken or played by a dame or a fella.

ccMixter is where it’s at, people will find it’s incredibly packed.

Pick up some samples, drag-and-drop, upload it now into your ccMixter slot.

ccMixter is the place to go, for samples both large or small you know.

Take those tun’s, remix again, add a nice vid and show to your friends.

ccMixter has both fast and slow not matter you taste there’s somewhere to go.

Recognition comes from peers or others when recommended , reviewed or downloaded by music lovers.

ccMixter is the place for me, I could spend hours creating music for free.

Mixing and merging in Cubase it’s bound, which gives me a rush and you that sound.

ccMixter is the place to be, download that music and keep it for free.

Upload new samples created to go, remember to do so under the creative commons logo.

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"ccMixter Rap"
by Togora

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