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Dreaming Oceans

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The ocean often emerges as an element of dreams — waves, shorelines, horizons, tsunamis, tides. In Jungian psychology, the ocean as a symbol is associated with the unconscious. Its depth and breadth, its global nature suggests further associations of collective connectedness. The ocean’s salty water suggests tears. Its ancient depths suggest mysteries and origins lost over years.

This guided meditation is intended to bring you deeper into the liminal realm, to seed a dream or a dreamy experience.

In this preview mix, the pacing may be a bit compressed. Remixes with more time to sense into the suggestions of the text may facilitate a deeper experience.

I recorded with my crystal singing bowls (also included). The bowls are tuned to 432hz, primarily a drone based on “D” which resonates with the sacral chakra,which is associated with the element of water, and “B” signifying the crown chakra, associated with expansion, with some “G” (throat chakra — the voice), and “F” (heart chakra). I did not play each bowl separately in this practice. I recorded the bowls with two mics.

Special Thanks to Kara Square for cleaning up the stems.

As a nod to Brian Eno’s Julie With, one of the ultimate floaty songs, BPM is set to 98.


Be with me by the ocean
The edge of the shore
The horizon is barely noticeable
Sense what you are looking for

Notice the water meeting the land
Feel your feet
Held by the sand

Waves and wind
Songs from
Under the water
Where life begins

Let’s step into the water
Waves soft like a kiss
Upon the skin
Adjusting to the difference
Between out and in

Slowly we’ll go deeper
Toward where it all begins

Float with me on the water
Let’s not resist
This moment of movement
It’s for us to experience



Filled with breath

Let’s dive down deeper
Towards the depth
When there is nothing more we recognize
We will know that we reached it

The realm of the mysterious

Be with me in this vast darkness

Sense your heartbeat
Sense your breath

Adjust to being in the depths

Ancient waters with their secrets surround us
With mysteries that connect us
Deeply generous

In this vast darkness

The deep is quiet but not silent

What do you notice? What do you see?

Lives illuminated by their own energy
Treasure to discover after eternity

sense your heart
sense your breath

Adjust to being in the depths

Floating sinking
Into the deep
Dreaming oceans
Ocean dreams

"Dreaming Oceans"
by SackJo22

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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