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Growth in the Garden (2)

uploaded: Thu, Jul 24, 2014 @ 11:11 PM last modified: Wed, Jul 23, 2014 @ 4:18 PM  (add)
FeaturingDarkroom, Rocavaco, Haskel (HEJ31)
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Special thanks to Darkroom, Rocavaco and Haskel for the great source material. This track started Darkroom’s beat and then I had Haskel play — his musical sensibility completely set the tone for this track. I then worked from there, trying to make space for all the fabulous sounds that became part of this song. I added bass.

I was inspired by the hexagram “correcting causes of decay.” Reminds me of compost.

I did two versions of this track — one with vocals spoken and one with vocals sung. I couldn’t decide which version of this track I preferred so I am sharing both versions. (I tried putting them together at one point and quickly moved on.) This is the melodic vocal version.


It’s battered but things still grow I see blossoms sneaking out of the shadows I see our spirits sinking as the water’s getting low still there’s growth in the garden

You say you’re trying to be true to what you see
Well come on baby — take a look at me!
I’m trying to be true as true as I can be
I just need you to believe in me

Concentrate! it’s an auspicious day
what’s been lost is just an offering
the wind is soft
the moon is sweet
here is decay nourishing peace
there’s growth in the garden
growth in the garden

Despite the drought,despite the need
there are butterflies and birds and bees there are fruits and buds and hope and seeds and there’s always a little bit of crap to clean

there’s growth in the garden
growth in the garden

"Growth in the Garden (2)"
by SackJo22

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