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Return (Rough)

uploaded: Sun, Jun 8, 2014 @ 5:49 PM last modified: Sun, Jun 8, 2014 @ 6:24 PM  (add)
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This song is a new song for the PRAYER song cycle which will be presented for an all new 3-week run in Los Angeles starting June 27!

In addition to being an offering for the BIG Summer Music Fest (which is rocking it so far! wow!), all remixes will be included in the PRAYER playlist that gets posted and shared on line, as well as being shared with the audience at live performances.

Song is in D (open turning on guitar). All stems are dry. Guitar is doubled (Guitar 1 and Guitar 2), but only Guitar 2 was recorded both direct and with the mic. Preview is a really rough mix. Haskel prefers it without the harmonies but of course, I include them because no life is complete without harmony. This version is just a rough demo to get the guitar and vocal stems out there for remixing. I am working still working on the final track and am happy to report that Haskel will be a part of it which means his guitar parts will soon be available for remixing too!


To and fro go the way
my dreams are waiting in the wings
when we are ready we will return

the stream of time has carried me away
but friends are waiting — this is not a mistake
when we are ready we will return

the cart stops
the road’s blocked
I stand in the rain, with my head down, and my arms up
when we are ready we will return
return, return
when we are ready we will return

This run of PRAYER is being produced by The Eclectic Theater Company in North Hollywood, California. I look forward to sharing more information as the opening gets closer.

Contents of ZIP Archive: guitar stems flac

  • /GUITAR2 MIC.flac (6.60MB)
  • /GUITAR1 DIRECT.flac (8.76MB)
  • /GUITAR2 DIRECT.flac (8.38MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: vocal stems dry flac

  • /VOX HARMONY1.flac (7.02MB)
  • /VOX HARMONY2.flac (7.28MB)
  • /VOX HARMONY3.flac (1.27MB)
  • /VOX LEAD.flac (8.79MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: guitars mp3

  • /GUITAR2 MIC.mp3 (5.26MB)
  • /GUITAR1 DIRECT.mp3 (5.10MB)
  • /GUITAR2 DIRECT.mp3 (5.26MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: vox stems dry mp3

  • /VOX HARMONY2.mp3 (4.73MB)
  • /VOX HARMONY3.mp3 (1.23MB)
  • /VOX LEAD.mp3 (4.73MB)
  • /VOX HARMONY1.mp3 (4.73MB)

"Return (Rough)"
by SackJo22

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