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Living in Harmony

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FeaturingSnowflake, Javolenus, Martijn de Boer
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I love ccMixter and gave today to the IndieGoGo campaign. Feels good to give to something that means so much to me!!

Here’s a little ditty about living in harmony. Peace and love instead of hate will lead us back to Eden.
Thank you to Javolenus and Martijn de Boer, your duet inspired this song of Harmony, had no idea what I wanted to write until I heard your music. Thank you to Snowflake, without your editing ability and amazing voice to soften my vocal I would be nowhere.

I’d love to hear other vocalists on this pell ;)

We could be
Living in the world as one
Sharing like we do the sun
Eden’s where we all came from
Now we’re counting the wars we’ve won
Our connection has come undone
Need to be living in harmony
Hey hey hey
What do you say?
What do you say?

Peace and love instead of hate
Accept this simple twist of fate
The clock is ticking and we’re
Running out of time
I know that you’re feeling it
Nothing else worth dealing with
Lets free ourselves of what’s
Dragging everybody else down

Here we are
Another perfect weekend day
Nothing standing in our way
Pack your bags lets leave today
It’s your choice if you want to stay
A never ending holiday
Living in harmony, hey hey
Hey hey hey
What do you say?
Lets start today

Repeat chorus:

The waters fine
Come and take a swim with me
No better place to be, just
Reset your mind you’ll see
You’ll be living in harmony
With me
Hey hey hey
What do you say?

"Living in Harmony"
by Patronski

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