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Looking 4 Love

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FeaturingCiggi Burns
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When Ciggi first put this up i started a sort of Steve Hackett Voyage of the Acolyte sort of thing.

But the echos on the first pella were causing me issues so i asked Ciggi to upload the dry version only to find when i opened my mix that a chunk of it was missing. But there was a loop that was the basis of this song still intact that i had mixed down.

I then felt it would be better with a second verse and wrote a few bits down with an idea to get Ciggi to sing them.

But after a musical theatre session at the weekend the idea came to just rewrite the first verse from the Male point of view, stage left so to speak which i think works better.

A tad out of my key, but the tight trousers helped.

Looking For Love. Ciggi Burns

Clear as light on still water
I let him see how I feel
But his heart gives no quarter
He has walls made of steel

I laid down my cards
He’s seen how I play
He wants me for a while
But I’ll want him to stay

He’s anger and fire
I’m soft as a dove
His passion will burn me
Yet I’ll keep looking for love

Her heart is like water
I can see how she feels
And i don’t wanna hurt her
But i cant break from these walls of steel.

She’s shown me her hand
And I know her play
But i must go in a while
Though i know that she wants me to stay.

My Anger Is fire
She’s soft as a dove
My Passion will burn her
So I’ll keep looking for Love

Intertwine ending.

Looking for love ,it’ll be with your keys.

"Looking 4 Love"
by Loveshadow

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