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War + Art @nd lUv ( Posh Tart Deconstruction Bootleg)

uploaded: Thu, May 21, 2009 @ 6:32 PM
FeaturingThe One called Ciggi
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When i was with Fourstones in NYC he said he had never heard of The Fatback band.
Which for a man who knows the wackawachaka funky style surprised me.

I sweated many an hour on many a dance floor to their grooves and got to see them a couple of times in the UK where they would play 20 minute versions of their singles.

Quite simply the Funkiest band ever.

Anyway here’s a rip up of Ciggi and my boy Ross.

Mixed on Senheiser HD 580 precision headphones :-)

"War + Art @nd lUv ( Posh Tart Deconstruction Bootleg)"
by Loveshadow

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