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The Heartbreaker

uploaded: Mon, Aug 24, 2009 @ 7:42 PM
byKaer Trouz
FeaturingOld Dog, Fireproof Babies
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Tres personal, this. My baby starts high school tomorrow. We have spent the summer together, so I have turned away from computers, and re-mixing. He has not had the easiest time of it, and that’s all I will say. Also, EQ sucks and I am tired of worrying about it.

“you say you wanna be a heartbreaker
but that’s the way I made ya
what you’ll always be
you say you wanna be a perfect boy never do anything wrong no more
but that’s how you are to me
oh the world wasn’t meant for us
I never wanted to make a fuss
but I didn’t know anything
when you’re mad and writhing on the floor
I’ll pull the curtains and shut the door
until your crowded (clouded) mind it clears and sets you free
and you come back home to me
You say you wanna be a heartbreaker
that’s the way God he made ya
that’s what you are to me
and even when the world lets you down
I will be here to breathe with you
until your crowded (clouded) mind it clears and sets you free
and you’re smiling smiling back at me
stay strong
my little heartbreaker”

"The Heartbreaker"
by Kaer Trouz

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