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Both Ends of Love

uploaded: Sat, Jun 28, 2008 @ 12:23 PM
byDoghouse Riley
FeaturingWail the pasture gate got left open and them two damn brahmas got out again.
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As most of ya know I am one disturbed ol sentient bein. And usually purty miserable too. But sometimes moments come along that transcend my own pitiful thoughts and spin me off inta the cosmos of sheer wonder and joy. Like maybe my boy Buster’ll do a surreally impossible back flip while he catches his frisbee. Or the sun will glint just right on the rose-a-sharron in full bloom come early mornin. Or, better yet, for some unknown reason there won’t be nary a mosquito on my back deck at dusk as I sit to enjoy the first of several martinis. It is only in those meager moments that I seem ta find joy. Until now. Ya see I’ve been wartin over somethin in my little pea brain for a couple a years now that’s just plain been drivin my ass crazy. How does my ol pal Loveshadow do it? I mean he turns in eleventy jillion mixes a week while still operatin his bidness, takin care of his lovely family and for all I know doin volunteer work on the side. And danged if they ain’t all dang good. Hell, great is what they are. No question about it. But how does he do it? What’s his secret weapon? Where does his uber-supra-talenthood come from. I just could not figure it out. He’s got to have somethin special he relies on. I just kept thankin, he cain’t be no ordinary guy. And then, yesterday, I had an epiphany, the scales fell from mine eyes and the truth, brothers and sisters, was revealed…HE AIN’T!!

"Both Ends of Love"
by Doghouse Riley

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