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Yor The Man, Natchoongi

uploaded: Sat, May 10, 2008 @ 9:47 PM
byDoghouse Riley
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Wail, seems like an awful lot a what I been hearin here lately (even by my ownself) has been slathered in Brylcreem, Canola Oil and/or K/Y Jelly. Quite frankly it’s been like listenin ta peanut butter. And not the crunchy kind neither. So outta respect to those who actually have to play in front of other folks ta make a dang livin and who (yes, Hortense, I ain’t lyin) actually break a sweat when they make music and get paid shiiiite fer doin so, I dedicate this here magnum opus. And, listen, I aint got the foggiest idea of who “Natchoongi” is. But I can tell ya this: He IS the man!!!

"Yor The Man, Natchoongi"
by Doghouse Riley

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