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Midnight Wolf (Final Mix)

uploaded: Thu, Feb 28, 2008 @ 7:41 AM
Project:The CCMixter Collective
Credit: DJ Rkod Taskmaster, Producer
narva9 Lyricist, Vocals
duckett Bass
Subliminal Additional production
Fireproof_Babies Guitar
Anchor Lyricist, Vocals, Cello, Whistling
Kaer Trouz Lyricist, Vocals
shimoda More Bass, Piano
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Creepy little tune about being a werewolf (werewolf? There wolf. There castle) with lyrics and vocals by Anchor Méjans and piano by shimoda.

You can grab a demo instumental of this song here (it has a different title now) and you can get the instrumental loops (no vocals) here.

Lyrics: (by Anchor Méjans)

12 0’ clock
Ships in dock
Slumbering town
Brings me down

When everybody is asleep
Wish I could eat those counted sheep
The full moon shinning way too bright
Its gonna be a restless night…

The wolf’s hour is yet to come
But all my dreams are on the run
Get out of bed and have a drink
Try not to sulk
Try not to think

Shadowy alley in the town
Cold store front glass reflect my frown
Under your window I could make
A serenade of my mistakes

If you could see me
I need a shave
A haircut – that might help me to behave
Your fingered gun, that trigger – pull it…
Just make sure there’s a silver bullet


Midnight – I’m coming
Yeah - Don’t be afraid
The gypsy told me you’d be saved

"Midnight Wolf (Final Mix)"
by DJ Rkod

2008 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
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